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The Issue: Finding no clear explanation of what the “Prefix to Specify Port” Setting on the Channels Tab meant in the documentation, on the internet, etc…

The Solution: Experimented and took several guesses.

Their Documentation: Default is 99.  Syntax to USE this feature: prefix# (that is 99) + ch# (could be anything from 1 to 8) + dialing# will result in this call forwarded to FXO port (ch#) immediately.

The Experience: The documentation gave no indication that the Channel Number should be entered on the VOIP System, which was the key to the problem.  Additionally, they gave no examples.  Of course it seems obvious in hind sight...

The Answer: “Prefix to Specify Port” refers to the numbers passed from the VOIP System to the GrandStream Device when a call is made to trigger this “feature”.  The “feature”, which again could be stated more clearly in the documentation, is the ability to send calls through a specific FXO Port. Example: In my case, I have an Asterisk Phone Server (Trixbox,...

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The Issue: I was puzzled when I checked (I subscribe to a service from DNSStuff.COM that allows me to troubleshoot and correct settings with my companies DNS Servers) two of my Domain Names recently and found out that the "Glue" at the Parent NameServer's wasn't present.  The two Domain Names in question ended in .NAME and .INFO, which turned out to be the key to the issue.  My DNS Server’s Host Name ends with .NET.

The Solution: None.  To fix this problem, I would have to have a Name Server specified in a Domain Name that ended in .NAME or .INFO to correct the issue.  Since it really doesn’t cause any problems, only a few extra milliseconds of Name Resolution, I’m not going to correct the issue.

Key Point: Parent Name Server’s, from mine and other Web Administrator perspectives, are at the GoDaddy.COM, NetworkSolutions,COM, etc level.  Apparently (this is an educated guess), they have separate DNS Servers for each Top Level Domain Name (.COM, .NET,...

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